Want to live a life guided by the Divine Source residing deep within you?

Beautiful One,

Within you there is a voice calling you home.

Home to the Divine Source that you not only are a part of, but the Source that connects you with all that is, ever was and ever will be.

The Call is a voice of Love, of a silence so great that all things can be heard.

No matter who you are or where you are, the Call goes out to you, in every moment of space and time.

The moment you are ready to heed the Call, to listen, it will rush in and fill you with a Love so great that you cannot but stand in awe.

But you have to choose it.

Love does not force itself upon you. It does not coerce, push or manipulate.

You have to invite it in.

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From Fear to Love’s daily messages from Your Divine Source will guide you on your journey of choosing to live a life lead by love.

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